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Mission Trips

  Waves of Loves mission trips are organized to accommodate the time you will be in Nicaragua. Our week long trips are from $500 per week depending on group size. If you want to stay longer, please inquire via email. You will fly into the capital, Managua, where Waves of Love will be to greet you. Be sure to have $10 cash to get through customs in Managua.

  The trip from the airport to the camp is 2-3 hours depending on routes available. Once we arrive at the camp, you will be assigned your room and you can get situated while dinner is being prepared. After dinner we will have devotional time to get to know each other and discuss the week ahead.

Weekly Schedule

  Saturday: Arrive in Managua, where we will be waiting for you at the airport. The trip to camp is 3 hours or less depending on the rain and the roads. At the camp you will get your rooms and relax or hit the beach until dinner time. Dinner is at 6:00pm and devotion at 7:30pm.

  Sunday is dawn patrol or sleep in and then church at 9:30am. After church hang out with the local kids and then lunch. Afternoon we will have an activity with the local kids and surf in the evening. Dinner at 6:00pm and devotion at 7:30pm.

  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are project work days along with the local kids surf camps.

  Wednesday is the free day. There are multiple choices for this day: boat trip for surfers or fishing and diving, Granada or Masaya for shopping, Ometepe Island or Volcano Mombacho for zip lining. This day is an extra cost depending on choice of excursion.

Chepita Mark Weeks A latrine Playing soccer on the beach