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Our Mission:

  Waves of Love's mission is to help people in need. To achieve this, we focus on community-based efforts to ensure everyone has life's basic needs: food, water, shelter, clothing, and education.

Michael and Paula Lindsey

About the founders

  It is only by God's grace and mercy I am here today. Who knew He would take a man that lived for himself to serve His people that struggle daily for food, water, and shelter. I am completely amazed at His mercy that has been poured out on my life. I spent many days living on the street with no food and no money. Today, it is God's vision to have me serve his children that struggle with this everyday. As I look back at my life I am grateful for all the challenges in life that I experienced. Never in my wildest dreams I would have thought that the creator of life had a plan for me, this simple man. May all the glory and praise be given to the father for I am only a messenger of His Love.

Michael and Paula Lindsey

Founders, Waves of Love

Michael and Paula Lindsey Michael and Paula Lindsey Michael and Paula Lindsey Michael and Paula Lindsey